Where to Look For Asbestos Removal Businesses in SA

When it comes to getting rid of asbestos, it is important that you select the right asbestos removal company. Even though asbestos removal in Adelaide is common, because of the serious nature of the job, every company of interest should provide years of experience together with extensive knowledge about the physical inspection, the removal process and the potential dangers of asbestos.

Before removal, a professional and experienced asbestos inspection in Adelaide is required. Therefore, this will involve one or more individuals inspecting your business or home to check the presence of asbestos. In the course of the inspection, asbestos containing material, also known as suspected ACM or ACM is investigated. This material contains more than 1% asbestos. Experts also believe that suspected ACM is actual ACM which has not yet been analyzed or sampled.

Licensed operators have had proper training in correct asbestos removal procedure, therefore they are less likely to cause accidental asbestos contamination. Remember that insurance won’t cover any injury or damage if the company is not licensed. If performed poorly asbestos removal can lead to contamination of your building both inside and outside.

Incorrect asbestos removal done indoors can release fibers which can spread all over the house if not contained. This results in contamination of your clothing, carpets, curtains and bedding. But with licensed removers who have had training in proper removal procedures, if any mishap occurs an insured and licensed company’s insurance will cover the cost of all necessary repairs and the cost to decontaminate.


Outdoor asbestos contamination usually happens when a demolition contractor does not identify or fails to remove asbestos prior the demolition of the building. If a house containing asbestos is demolished it will leave many tiny pieces of asbestos over in the soil, leaving your land asbestos contaminated.

To find the right asbestos removal company you need to know more about the asbestos contractors by asking them a few questions concerning their services and expertise.

1. Ask the contractor how he would handle the job – This will give you an idea of what to expect during the asbestos removal process. Due to the harmful nature of asbestos, you need to know if the job is done correctly as a priority with a minimum release of asbestos dust.

2. Access for equipment, vehicles and disposal bins – Inquire from the contractor if they require special access for cranes, cherry pickers, trucks etc. Schedule this in your plans.

3. Insurance – In the case of an accident is the company covered by insurance?

4. Applicable license, safety, and occupational health requirements – Does the company have the necessary permits from local or state authorities to carry out the procedure. (Each state has its set of requirements).

5. When can the work be started? – Do not assume the contractor will start immediately because they may have several jobs booked already. Therefore, you should consider a waiting period in your plan’s schedule.

6. How long have they been in business? – This is optional but necessary to determine the contractor’s experience.

7. Are all staff well trained? – To know the level of expertise and knowledge of the workers. You definitely need someone who has proper training on the correct asbestos removal procedure.

8. How will the asbestos be disposed of? – This is important to prevent incorrect asbestos disposal that can result to further asbestos contamination.

If you’re interested in the process of asbestos removal – check out the video below


Obtaining quotes from at least 3 different asbestos removal companies is wise to get a range of prices. Probably, you need the best asbestos removal service but you are working on a budget. Apart from getting quotes, you need to ask more questions to get insight into how good (or bad) the contractor will conduct this process. You can send through photos of the job you need to be completed to get a much lower price. The contractor won’t need to visit your property to quote the job-saving money and time.

You can also save by removing the asbestos yourself and hire an Adelaide company to come and collect the asbestos-containing material only if you stack the asbestos properly next to your property. If you leave the material smashed up in the field or backyard, the contractor may charge you once you call them for pick up.

When it comes to asbestos removal you will need to look for an asbestos removal company to do the job professionally, properly and within your budget. If you need asbestos removal on LinkedIn or on Twitter then follow the link to engage in some great content, with the most up to date information on asbestos removal in Adelaide.